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Enjoy ultimate peace of mind when you order from our online store, which offers safe and super effective products for people concerned about the toxins in conventional–as well as many “natural”–brands of cosmetics, baby/kid gear, and cleaning products.
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  • Free Safety Reviews
    Find out what's good, what's bad, and what's sneaky without spending hours on Google. Don't be duped by expensive "natural" products!
  • Personalized Help
    Receive customized shopping lists tailored to your individual needs, and schedule phone, email, or in-home consultations on making your home greener and cleaner.
  • The Best Stuff Delivered
    Enjoy ultimate peace of mind when you order from our online store, where every product has been handpicked and meets the highest of standards for safety and effectiveness.

Recent Press

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"I also received help from Maia James. She helped me find cribs and mattresses that were nontoxic," says actress Jordana Brewster.

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Here at Gimme the Good Stuff, we like to think that by helping parents fill their homes with safe, natural, nontoxic products, we are helping to preserve the planet, too. After all, what’s better for your body is usually better…
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I was recently interviewed by the natural beauty company Biconi as part of their Expert Interview program. Click here to read the interview, where I answer questions about why I started Gimme the Good Stuff, what sunscreens are safest, why kids are…
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